Jumping Pillows

- Up, up higher and higher

The original jumping pillow®

There is just something about that feeling when your feet release the ground and you jump up in the air. Over and over again. 

We have created the original Jumping Pillow® to give you that special feeling. And we do not ever compromise with the quality. 

Jumping pillows® with hours of fun

Did you know that the jumping pillow® is the most price competitive playground product measured on number of users.   

The jumping pillow® is not just for children who enjoy jumping, it is also a great hang-around spot for older children. Furthermore the jumping pillow is the perfect tool for developing motor skills and coordination. 

Standard or special solutions

We deliver jumping pillows® in standard sizes and colours but we can of course also customise the jumping pillows® in your desired size, shape and colour. 

The original Jumping Pillow®
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We are here for you

Our employees and distributors are ready to help you with your Jumping Pillow® needs. We take pride in doing things the right way. 

A strong and lasting relationship is important to us. We always guide you in choosing the solutions that fit your needs exactly. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 

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